Massacre of civilians in an unidentified attack on Afrin city in Aleppo on January 20

Several missiles were used in an attack on Afrin city in the northern suburbs of Aleppo Governorate on January 20, 2022. SNHR has so far been unable to confirm the attackers’ identity, though we believe that it was carried out either by Syrian regime forces or Syrian Democratic Forces, as the bombardment originated from an area under the joint control of both parties. Investigations are still ongoing to identify the responsible party.
The missiles hit Rajo Street in the city center, a bustling, vibrant and crowded thoroughfare. At least seven* civilians, including five children, were killed and 16 others wounded, some of them severely, with the targeted location being severely damaged.

* Based on reports from local activists, we stated previously that six civilians, including two children, were killed in an attack by unidentified perpetrators in Afrin city in Aleppo suburbs on January 20, 2022. Following further investigations, we have concluded that seven civilians, including five children, were killed, and have edited our report accordingly as of January 21, 2022.

Massacre in attack on Afrin city in Aleppo 20-1-2022