Condemnation of attack against the caricature artist Hadil Ismail of the Syrian Press Center

Two unidentified masked gunmen attacked a media activist, named as Hadil Ismail, in Abbaret al Sqeit area in Izaz city in the northern suburbs of Aleppo governorate on July 16, 2021, stabbing her in one side using a sharp implement and stealing all the money in her possession which she was carrying to distribute as salaries to her colleagues at the Syrian Press Center where Hadil, a caricature artist from Aleppo city, works.
While the motive behind this attack may have been simply theft, it’s also possible that it was intended to target Hadil for her work as a caricaturist, as well as the work of the Syrian Press Center. SNHR condemns this attack, which intimidated Hadil and weakened the resources of the Syrian Press Center. We also condemn all violations against media personnel and media centers, which seek to silence dissenting voices and to stop reporting of facts and events on the ground, and we stress the necessity to strengthen protection for all those in this field given their vital role in disseminating information, allowing them to operate freely, and ending the policy of threats and prosecution against them.
We demand the controlling force in the Izaz area which is affiliated with the Syrian Opposition (the Syrian National Army/Police) to bear their responsibility for providing and ensuring security and safety for the area’s residents, and to prosecute those involved in the attack and hold them accountable. These forces must also conduct investigations into the incident and reveal their findings to the public as soon as possible.