Civilian from Aleppo dies due to torture in Syrian regime forces’ detention center, September 22

A man from Darat Ezza city in the western suburbs of Aleppo governorate, named as Ahmad Muhammad Deeb al Ajouz, was arrested by Syrian regime forces in 2013 in Damascus city. Since then, he has been classified as forcibly disappeared, with the Syrian regime denying his arrest and preventing anyone, even a lawyer, from visiting him. On September 22, 2020, his family was informed of his death when they visited the Military Police Branch in Damascus city. Our data from numerous sources confirms that he was in good health at the time of his arrest, indicating that he probably died due to torture in a regime detention center.
SNHR has received confirmation that Syrian regime forces didn’t hand over his body to his family; this is standard practice for the regime, with the bodies of the majority of detainees who die in its detention centers being disposed of through mass cremations. Since the whereabouts of these prisoners’ remains is unknown and they are not handed over to their relatives, they continue to be classified as being among the forcibly disappeared.