The collapse of the main cooling tower in Zeyzoun thermal tower in Zeyzoun village in Hama as a result of dismantling & tooting of the station

Over past two years, the looting operation of Zeyzoun thermal station, located in Zeyzoun village in Sahl al Ghab area in the western suburbs of Hama governorate, is still ongoing by traders sponsored by Turkistan Islamic Party, an extremist group, these traders dismantling, stealing and selling station parts named by “spoils: al Ghana’en”. Turkistan Islamic Party gave this mission to traders to then the profit shared between them.

The image, published on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, via internet be local activist, shows a complete collapse of a main cooling tower in the station. SNHR believes that could be resulted as the main pillars supported the tower or resulted from explosions. Yet, SNHR is unable to verify as of this writing.