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Attacks on Civilian Facilities

Destruction in government forces shelling on Kafranbel city in Idlib governorate on January 23

Destruction by government helicopters dropping a barrel bomb, on Kafranbel city - Idlib, on 23 January. آثار الدمار جراء إلقاء الطيران المروحي الحكومية قنبلة برميلية...

A media activist assaulted by An-Nussra Front in Kafrnbul city Idlib governorate on January 17

On 17 Jan, An-Nussra Front raided the office of Friesh Radio and Mazaya Women Center in Idlib - Kafrnbul over allegations that it is...

Armed opposition factions shelled HVTL in Hama governorate on January 1

An armed opposition faction destroy a high-voltage transmission line that was feeding some of the government-controlled villages in Hama countryside on 1 January. تدمير خطي...



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