Friday, February 23, 2024


A media activists kidnapped by unknowns near Taftnaz airport in Idlib governorate on January 7

Ma'd Baresh and Wethab Al-Izzou, two media activists from Idlib, were kidnapped by unknowns at Idlib - Taftnaz airport on 7 January. معد باريش ووثاب...

Mr. al Aridi, from As-Suwyida, died in government detention center, December 28

Assad Al-Aridi, from As-Suwyida - Ash-Shahba, Durzi, 44-year-old, government forces arrested in Damascus city - Jermana on 13 July, 2013, his family told us...

Statistics of arrest, raid and releases on December 27

SNHR documented on Saturday, 27 December: #Arrests: Government forces: 12 Daesh: 7 #Raids: Government forces: carried out two raids that resulted in detention. Daesh: carried out two raids...

Civilians arrested by government forces in Badda town in Damascus suburbs governorate on December 27

SNHR: Government forces, on 27 Dec, carried out arresting campaign in Badda - Damascus countryside. Four arrests were documented. الشبكة السورية: قامت القوات الحكومية في...



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