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Two men shot dead by unidentified gunmen in N. Daraa, June 5, 2024

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Two men, identified as Tareq and Mohammad al-Atma, were shot dead on June 5, 2024, by gunmen we have not yet been able to identify in their home city of al-Sanamayn in northern rural Daraa governorate. The area is under the control of Syrian regime forces.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) notes that Tareq and Mohammad had been members of armed opposition factions in Daraa before regime forces took control of the city in July 2018, at which time they agreed to settle their security situation with the Syrian regime. After that, they worked briefly with a pro-regime armed group, before completely retiring from military action, living as civilians until their death.

SNHR is still trying to locate eyewitnesses to obtain more information about the incident.
We call on the controlling forces to uphold their responsibilities for protecting civilians in their areas, to investigate this incident, and to make the investigation’s findings known to the public. Syria will never have true stability without a genuine political transition process towards democracy within a fixed timetable.