SNA forces arrest a university student in northern Aleppo governorate, November 12, 2022

Abdul Aziz Ali al-Na’es, a university student at Free Aleppo University’s Educational Department, from al-Traimsa village, western suburbs of Hama governorate, has been living in Brad village, which is affiliated with Afrin city in northern suburbs of Aleppo governorate. He was arrested on November 12, 2022 by servicemen from the Syrian National Army’s (SNA) Failaq al-Sham division after being beaten for herding sheep near a military point manned by the group in Brad village. He was taken to Failaq al-Sham’s Iskan Prison in the suburbs of Afrin city.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights notes that Abdul Aziz’s phone was seized and he was not allowed to contact his family. SNHR is concerned that he may be subjected to torture in detention and may go on to become yet another enforced disappearance case, with 85% of all those detained falling into this category.

We call for the provision of reparations for the victims and their families, both materially and morally, and call on all parties to put an end to all arbitrary detentions whose only purpose is to spread mass fear and extort people. We also call for revealing the fate of the thousands of persons forcibly disappeared by all the armed opposition factions/SNA.

Syrian National Army arrest Abdul Aziz al-Na’est in Brad village in on 12-11-2022