Mosque damaged in heavy bombardment by an unidentified party in eastern Aleppo governorate on September 15, 2022

On September 15, 2022, the village of Ulsheli near al Bab city in Aleppo governorate’s eastern suburbs was hit by heavy bombardment by an autocannon fired by a so-far unidentified party. SNHR suspects that the party responsible is either the Syrian regime forces or the Syrian Democratic Forces, as the bombardment came from areas under these parties’ control. Investigations are ongoing to identify the party responsible.

The bombardment hit and damaged the Omar bin al Khattab Mosque.

Photo showing the damage to the Omar bin al Khattab Mosque caused by bombardment.

Damage to the Omar bin al Khattab Mosque caused by bombardment of Ulsheli village in Aleppo suburbs on September 15, 2022