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The Syrian regime released 556 detainees in accordance with Decree 7/2022, and is still detaining around 132,000 individuals

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The Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented the release of around 556 detainees by the Syrian regime from its various detention centers (civilian, military, and security branches) across the Syrian governorates, including 61 women and 16 individuals who were children at the time of their arrest. These releases took place between May 1, 2022, and August 12, 2022, following the issuance of Pardon Decree No. 7 for 2022.

Of the 556 released individuals, at least 158 had agreed to security settlements before their arrest. Based on these settlements, each had received a formal pledge that they would not be harassed by the security branches. In addition to this, 28 of those released, including four women, had returned to Syria after being refugees and residents in foreign countries.

SNHR calls on the international community to pressure the Syrian regime to release nearly 132,000 individuals still detained/under arrest by the Syrian regime, 87,000 of whom are classified as forcibly disappeared. The regime must end the operations of special courts and suspend all rulings issued by these courts since they violate many of the fundamental rights of Syrian citizens. We don’t believe, however, that any of these demands will be achieved before a political transition ends the absolute control and murderous brutality exercised by the security branches.

A photo taken on May 3, 2022, shows gatherings of families of detainees and forcibly disappeared individuals at Jisr al Rais in Damascus city, as they await the release of their family members from the Syrian regime detention centers or gather information on their fate.
Photo source: AFP.

Syrian regime released 556 detainees in accordance with Decree 72022, and is still detaining around 132,000