Person killed and other civilians injured in bombardment by a US-led Coalition drone in Idlib suburbs on Dec 3

A former member of the Hurras al Din organization, named as Mus’ab Khaled Kan’an, from Ihsem town in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate, was killed on December 2, when a US-led Coalition drone fired a guided missiles at the motorcycle he was riding on the main road between al Mastouma village and Ariha city in the suburbs of Idlib governorate.
SNHR notes that the same bombardment injured six members of a family of civilians, including two children and three women, as the car they were in passed nearby the motorcycle.
Through this action, US-led Coalition forces have, without doubt, committed a violation of the rules of international humanitarian law which stress the distinction between civilians and combatants. SNHR has documented thousands of killing incidents since the forces intervention on September 23, 2014, with the death toll at the hands of US-led Coalition forces now exceeding 3,000 Syrian civilian citizens, and we urge the international community to take essential steps to protect civilians in Syria and end the ongoing killings. 

On December 5, 2021, Syria TV broadcast a video showing the moment of US-led Coalition bombardment of the motorcycle nr the civilian car.
Photo of the victim Mus’ab Kan’an.