Turkistan Islamic Party personnel arrested two elderly civilians from the same family in N. Idlib governorate on September 5

Two men, named as Khaled Saleh al Ksheimeh and Walid Abdul Qader al Ksheimeh, aged 72 and 63 respectively, who are originally from al Latamena town in the north of Hama governorate and living in Kafrayya town in the northern suburbs of Idlib governorate, were arrested on September 5, 2021, by gunmen affiliated with the Turkistan Islamic Party in a raid on their residence in Kafrayya town, and taken to an undisclosed location; the arrests took place as the party ordered a number of displaced persons to leave their homes in order to seize control of them.
SNHR notes that neither of the detainees’ family members were informed of their arrest and they were prevented from contacting anyone. SNHR fears that they will be subjected to torture and ultimately classified as forcibly ‘disappeared’ like approximately 85 percent of the individuals detained in Syria.