Remnants of a missile fired by Syrian regime forces at Daraa al Balad area in Daraa city on September 5

This photo shared online on September 5, 2021, shows remnants of a Golan-1000 missile fired by a Syrian regime missile launcher at Daraa al Balad area in Daraa city during the military escalation by the regime’s forces against the neighborhoods in the city which the regime has besieged since July 27, 2021.
SNHR notes that the Syrian regime and Iranian militias have heavily bombed the area of Daraa al Balad and the Tareeq al Sadd and Daraa Camp neighborhoods in Daraa city using artillery shells and missiles, with this bombardment accompanied by an attempt to break into the areas, resulting in casualties and material damage.
The Syrian Network for Human Rights committed another violation of the rules of international humanitarian law which stress the distinction between civilians and combatants.