Syrian regime forces and its militias looted cladding material of al Hasan Hospital in Saraqen city in Idlib suburbs on August 26

This photo shared online on August 26, 2021, apparently taken recently, shows that Syrian regime forces personnel and its militias looted the cladding material of al Hasan Hospital in Saraqeb city in the eastern suburbs of Idlib governorate.
Local activists told the SNHR that the city is empty of civilians since the Syrian regime seized control over the city on February 5, 2020, since then the forces looted the buildings’ contents and their cladding materials, even extending to their rebar construction materials.
We confirm that this looting is a systematic strategy followed by Syrian regime forces and affiliated loyalist militias which is used in all areas controlled by these forces, according to which the Syrian regime bombs buildings, then displaces residents and loots their homes and all other buildings in a brutal, multifaceted tactic intended to rob and punish the people in every way. SNHR has been working for several months on an extensive report detailing this systematic phenomenon seen in several regions across Syria’s governorates.