Syrian regime forces used incendiary weapons to target W. Hama governorate on August 7

Syrian regime forces used a missile launcher to fire incendiary weapons targeting the outskirts of al Ziadiya village in Sahl al Ghab in the western suburbs of Hama governorate, breaking out fires in the area on August 7, 2021.
SNHR notes that the targeted area with the incendiary weapons is far from the contact lines with Syrian regime forces by about six Kilometres.
Through this indiscriminate attack, Syrian regime forces have, without doubt, committed another violation of international humanitarian law which stress the distinction between civilians and combatants. We have recorded the Syrian regime incendiary weapons hundreds of times against civilian areas, causing serious burning which constitutes a threat and terror to the residents, particularly children, while the international community to interive and protect Syrian civilians and put pressure to end the use of the incendiary weapons against civilians decisively.

Video shows the explosion of incendiary munitions fired by Syrian regime forces at the outskirts of the village.