Casualties and burning of a SCD ambulance in a double-tap attack by SDF in Hazwan village in Aleppo suburbs on August 5

On August 5, 2021, Syrian Democratic Forces fired a guided missile targeting a recovery vehicle with a crane on the outskirts of Hazwan village which is administratively a part of al Bab city in the eastern suburbs of Aleppo governorate, killing two civilians, named as Mahmoud al Badi and Hasan al Badi. As the Civil Defense (White Helmets) team arrived to recover the victims, the same forces renewed their shelling using another missile which hit an SCD ambulance, burning it and rendering it inoperable, and injuring a SCD member.

Through this action, SDF have, without doubt, committed another violation of Security Council resolutions 2139 and 2254 which prohibit any further indiscriminate attacks, as well as violating the rules of international humanitarian law which stress the distinction between civilians and combatants. Attacks of this nature spread terror and panic among civilians.

Photo shows a Civil Defense ambulance burnt by a guided missile fired by Syrian Democratic Forces