Children and women massacred in an attack in Ihsem town in Idlib suburbs on July 17

Seven civilians from the same family (three children, all sisters, and four women, including a nurse) were killed on the evening of July 17, 2021, when their two-floor home in north Ihsem town in Jabal al Zaweya in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate was targeted with a shell. SNHR has so far been unable to identify the party responsible for the attack with the primary parties suspected to be responsible being the Russian and Syrian regime forces, since the shelling emanated from an area under their control. The investigation process is still underway to identify the party responsible for the shelling.

Aerial photo exclusive to SNHR shows the destruction to the house in Ihsem town targeted in a massacre.
Photo shows the recovery of the body of one of the victims killed in the massacre perpetrated in an attack on a house in Ihsem town.