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Remnants of a shell fired by Russian forces in S. Idlib governorate on July 4

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This photo shows the remnants of a shell equipped with a Krasnopol laser guidance system fired by artillery forces which we believe to be Russian at Kafr Haya village in the Jabal al Zaweya area in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate on July 4, 2021. The shelling caused severe damage to a house, with no casualties recorded.
SNHR notes that despite the targeted location being included within the areas of the ceasefire agreement reached following consultations between the Turkish and Russian presidents, which came into effect on March 6, 2020, Syrian- Russian alliance forces have escalated their attacks in areas of northwest Syria which have resulted in casualties and damage, and could result in further displacement for civilians amid the spread of COVID-19.

Photo shows damage to a house due to Russian forces shelling on the village.