Child and unborn baby killed in an attack in Bashloun village in Idlib suburbs on July 3

A child, named as Hasan Hayel Ajaj, and Nouriyah Hatem Harmoush’s unborn baby were killed while other civilians were injured on July 3, 2021, when a home in the east of Balshoun village in Jabal al Zaweya in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate was hit by a missile whose origin hasn’t yet been confirmed, with the primary parties suspected of responsibility for the attack being the Russian and Syrian regime forces, and the shelling emanating from an area controlled by them. The investigation process is still underway to identify the party responsible for the shelling.
SNHR notes that Mrs. Nouriyah Harmoush, the mother of the unborn baby killed in the attack, is still alive and receiving treatment in a hospital in Idlib governorate.