Two civilians killed and IDP tents’ damaged by a blast of unknown type and origin in N. Idlib on May 3

A blast of unknown type and source in a building near the Nadi al Furousiya IDP Camp in south of Kafrayya town in the northern suburbs of Idlib governorate on May 3, 2021, killed a 25-year-old woman, named as Fahimeh Khaledeh Shehadah, and man, named as Alaa Muhammad al Mesleh, and injured eight other civilians, in addition to damaging a number of IDP tents. The area is under the control of factions from the Armed Opposition and Hay’at Tahrir al Sham. SNHR is still trying to contact witnesses to obtain more details of the incident.
SNHR condemns all attacks of this nature which target and kill civilians, and calls on the governing forces in each area to bear responsibility for protecting civilians in the areas under their control, and to conduct investigations into all such incidents and reveal their findings to the public. Stability will not be attained in Syria without first achieving a political transition towards democracy implemented according to a strict timetable.