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Remnants of a missile loaded with cluster munitions fired by Russian forces at an area of fuel burners in Tarhin, east Aleppo on March 5

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Photo shows the remnants of a 9M55K missile loaded with 9n235 cluster munitions fired by forces which we believe to be Russian at an area containing a group of fuel burners – rudimentary refineries used in refining operations for crude oil – in Tarhin village to the south of Jarablos city in the eastern suburbs of Aleppo governorate on March 5, 2021.
Through this attack, the Russian forces has committed another violation of international humanitarian law which prohibits any indiscriminate attacks that fail to distinguish between civilians and combatants. We have documented hundreds of attacks using cluster munitions against civilian areas and hundreds of injuries caused by the explosion of remnants of cluster munitions. The international community must intervene to protect civilians in Syria from these ongoing killing operations.