Two decapitated women’s bodies were discovered near al Dshaisha town in Hasaka suburbs on January 22

The decapitated bodies of two women, identified as the co-chair of Tal al Shayer town council in southern suburbs of Hasaka suburbs which is affiliated with Syrian Democratic Forces, Saedah Faisal al Hermas, and her deputy, Hend Latif al Khdeir, were discovered by locals bearing signs of gunshot wounds near al Dshaisha town in the southern suburbs of the governorate on January 22, 2021, just a few hours after their kidnapping by unknown individuals from their homes in Tal al Shayer village.
Although the SNHR is unable to identify the party responsible for the women’s killing, the area is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces. Despite the controlling forces bearing responsibility for revealing the perpetrator’s identity, they have not launched any investigation.