HTS arrested a pharmacist in Idlib city on August 18

A pharmacist named as Mustafa al Jazi is director of the midwifery institute in Idlib city and originally from al Bara town in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate. Mustafa was arrested by Hay’at Tahrir al Sham personnel on August 18, 2020, as he was called to al Falah Center (al Hesba) affiliated with the HTS to investigate the artistic event of one of his student took place in the institute. Since then, his fate is unknown.
SNHR notes that no member of Mustafa’s family was informed on his arrests and his phone was taken preventing him to contact with his family. SNHR is afraid that he will be exposed to torture and become forced to disappeared persons like approximately 85 percent of the detainees.
SNHR assures about 2,116 Syrian citizens are still detained in HTS’s detention centers which constitutes a real threat on their fates within the spread of novel coronavirus.