Doctor dies due to torture in Syrian regime forces’ detention center, July 30

SNHR has received confirmation that a doctor, named as Ibrahim Abdul Qader al Zu’bi, who was detained by regime forces in a raid on his Damascus home on June 22, 2020, has died in regime custody, most probably due to torture.
Dr. al-Zu’aibi, who was born in 1964, was originally from al Yadoda village in the western suburbs of Daraa governorate, and was a PhD graduate in electrocardiography from the British University of Leicester.  He was arrested by members of the Syrian regime’s Military Security branch during a raid on his home in Damascus’ Baghdad Street and taken to the ‘248’ military investigation branch in the city. Since then, he has been classified as forcibly disappeared, with the Syrian regime denying his arrest and preventing anyone, even a lawyer, from visiting him.
Five weeks later, on July 30, 2020, Syrian regime forces informed his family that he had died in al Muwasa Hospital in Damascus city. Our information from numerous sources confirms that the doctor was in good health at the time of his arrest, indicating that he probably died due to torture and lack of healthcare.