Russian forces’ bombardment of an armed opposition camp in Idlib resulted in the death of a war reporter & 37 Syrian fighters

On October 26, 2020, fixed-wing warplanes which we believe were Russian fired missiles at a Failaq al Sham brigade military camp in al Dweila area near Kafr Takhareem town in the western suburbs of Idlib governorate. The bombardment resulted in the killing of Rashid Bakr, from Kafr Takhreem town, a media activist for al Moharar Media Network and Syria 1 news agency who worked as a conflict reporter for Failaq al Sham brigade which is affiliated with al Watania Tahrer. SNHR notes that Rashid was covering a military training course for the brigade at the time of the bombardment which resulted in the deaths of at least 37 members of Failaq al Sham and the injuries of dozens more, some of which are serious.